"Expo '86 attracted 55 countries, 20 corporate sponsors and 22 million visitors, making it one of the most successful World's Fairs ever held. MR was extremely helpful in achieving that success."

Michael Bartlett | President
Expo '86

Expo '86

Vancouver, British Columbia

Expo ’86, held in Vancouver, British Columbia, remains one of the most successful World Expositions to date, featuring 54 pavilions from participating nations, enjoying widespread corporate involvement, attracting more than 22 million visitors between May and October of 1986, and generating nearly $500 million in revenues.

The event’s theme “World in Motion – World in Touch” predicted the connected future we’ve come to enjoy and featured dozens of dynamic attractions, including the Science Centre, an interactive educational facility complete with an OMNIMAX theater.

MR was instrumental in the success of Expo ’86, providing a range of strategic consulting services to the event’s organizers. We worked closely with the Expo ’86 team to develop an event marketing plan and establish the operational staffing plan, as well as provided operational budgets and the concessions program and plan. In addition, we managed the event’s operational staffing department, hiring and training over 15,000 staff.

Our work implementing the U.S. marketing effort yielded particularly strong results, helping generate over 9 million visits from the U.S. to this six-month event in Canada.