Ford Rouge Factory Tour

Dearborn, Michigan

The Ford Rouge Factory Tour offers guests an exciting inside look at just how far we’ve come in manufacturing the cars we drive every day. The Ford Motor Company’s Rouge Factory in Dearborn, Michigan, opened in 1915, the culmination of Henry Ford’s vision of a completely self-sufficient automobile manufacturing facility. Today, after nearly 100 years, the Rouge Factory is among Ford’s most cutting edge facilities, employing the latest manufacturing technologies and environmental techniques.

The Ford Rouge Factory Tour sends guests on a self-guided journey through the history of automobile manufacturing through the lens of this legendary factory itself. The tour includes educational presentations in two theaters, a museum gallery of some of Ford’s best known vehicles, and, best of all, an up close and personal view of the plant in action.

MR worked closely with the Ford Motor Company and The Henry Ford Museum to ensure the Ford Rouge Factory Tour delivered an exceptional guest experience. We analyzed operational and financial data, developed attendance distribution models, and conducted supply-side analysis to ensure the attraction would operate at peak performance. Additionally, we advised on staffing requirements and recommended optimal ticket pricing and packaging.

The tour has indeed been a great success with guests and drawn critical acclaim. Today The Ford Rouge Factory Tour is Detroit’s #1 automotive attraction.

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